A Guide to Arena Karachi

A Guide to Arena Karachi
Located in Karachi's bustling center, Arena isn't just a shopping center—it's a lively place for fun, food, and relaxation. With plenty to do and a lively vibe, Arena Karachi showcases the city's lively energy. Explore its many attractions and see why it's a favorite spot for both locals and tourists.

List of Games in Karachi Arena
  • Bowling Alley
  • Ice Deck
  • The Arsenal Gaming Zone
  • Kiddy Rides
  • Pool Mania
  • X Live Games
Bowling Alley
Enjoy our large bowling area with 16 modern bowling lanes, perfect for both beginners and experienced players. Benefit from complimentary access to a trainer and bowling shoes all day. Plus, take advantage of our affordable Rs. 1000 bowling offer, join thrilling tournaments, explore family membership options, and learn essential safety rules and tips.

Arena Karachi

Price : 1000
Ice Deck
Experience fitness for all! Ice skating isn't just a sport or a winter activity—it's a year-round adventure at our indoor ice skating arena. Enjoy endless fun whenever you want. As the first indoor ice skating floor in Pakistan, practice your skills on our spacious 3,500 square feet rink. All gear is provided by Arena, so you can showcase your moves or learn from our skilled coaches. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, there's a place for everyone. Don't fret if you're new to skating; our instructors offer free training to help you glide confidently on the ice.

A Guide to Arena Karachi A Guide to Arena Karachi
A Guide to Arena Karachi
The Arsenal Gaming Zone
As time moves forward, the spirit of childhood remains alive in young hearts. Explore our brand new games, spanning across 5,000 square feet of fun. You and your children can enjoy over 25 games in a cool and entertaining environment. With advanced technology and realistic graphics, today's arcade games are more interactive and skill-oriented than ever before. Visit the gaming zone and test your skills against other players from the area.
A Guide to Arena Karachi

Price : 500

Kiddy Rides

Make your child happy with our cute and colorful children’s rides. Be the first to try our kiddy rides, and don't forget to tell your friends about them. Children always love our beautiful and bright rides. Let your child choose from favorites like the Merry Go Round, Bumble Bee, Honey Bee, Sport Bike, Group Motor Car, Aircraft, A-10 Airplane, Helmet, Ocean Discovery, and Happy Lane.

in only Rs.300

Age: For under 12 yrs kids
Pool Mania
Feeling tired from work and craving some relaxation and fun? Arena is the perfect place to unwind with your family or friends. Shoot some pool and discover your skills in a friendly atmosphere. With almost five pool tables and two snooker tables, Arena provides the perfect setting to test your aim and enjoy some healthy competition with your peers.

A Guide to Arena Karachi

of POOL & SNOOKER in only Rs.500
X Live Games
Step into our zone for the latest video games, where you're in control of the action. Yes, this is a sensor-based gaming zone, combining the best of Xbox and PS4. Join us and let's play together! Enhance your personality, strengthen your skills, and explore a variety of games from our extensive collection. There are no age restrictions or rules to follow—just pure enjoyment. Choose from over 30 games categorized into sports, action, racing, and adventure, and immerse yourself in endless fun.

A Guide to Arena Karachi

in only Rs. 400
JUST BOUNCE is where the floor transforms into walls, and you become the master of gravity. Packed with fun for kids and families, it's a place where you can soar through the air, perform aerial tricks, slam dunk, run on walls, and engage in dodgeball battles. Whether you're 5 or an action sports enthusiast, you're never too old or too young to have a blast.

At JUST BOUNCE, our urban playground is spring-loaded with circus-grade sponge, giant airbags, and springs, ensuring a safe and thrilling experience for everyone.

The excitement at JUST BOUNCE is contagious. Whether you're scaling The Wall, leaping into the Big Bag, or bouncing around in the Free Jump arena, everyone is buzzing with energy. It's a versatile space where you can train for aerial acrobatics, relax while enjoying the view, or engage in an intense workout without even realizing it's cardio. Our friendly staff are always on hand to provide safety tips and teach you some new moves along the way.

in only Rs. 500


For avid shoppers, Arena Karachi is a paradise waiting to be explored. The complex is home to an extensive selection of retail outlets, ranging from renowned international brands to local boutiques, covering fashion, electronics, accessories, and more. Whether you're hunting for the latest fashion trends or searching for unique gifts and souvenirs, Arena's diverse shopping outlets have something for everyone.


Food enthusiasts will delight in the culinary delights offered at Arena Karachi. The complex features a plethora of dining options, including cafes, fast-food chains, upscale restaurants, and food courts serving a variety of cuisines, from traditional Pakistani dishes to international favorites. Visitors can indulge in delicious meals, unwind with a cup of coffee, or grab a quick bite while exploring all that Arena has to offer.

Recreation and Leisure:

Arena Karachi goes beyond shopping and dining, offering a range of recreational activities to keep visitors entertained. Families can enjoy fun-filled experiences at the indoor amusement park, complete with thrilling rides, arcade games, and entertainment zones. Additionally, the complex features recreational facilities such as bowling alleys, indoor sports arenas, and fitness centers, catering to fitness enthusiasts and sports lovers alike.

Events and Special Occasions:

Throughout the year, Arena Karachi hosts a variety of events, promotions, and special occasions to engage visitors and create memorable experiences. From seasonal festivals and holiday celebrations to exclusive sales and promotional offers, there's always something exciting happening at Arena. Visitors can stay updated on upcoming events through the complex's website, social media channels, and onsite signage.

Arena karachi ticket price

  • Adults: Rs. 1600 Non Refundable but Redeemable* 
  • Kids: Rs. 800 Non Refundable but Redeemable* (7 – 10 Years) (According to Scale) (Under 7 Years Free) (According to Scale) * The amount of entrance is adjustable in food and games. You and your family can utilize non-refundable amount within gaming area, food at Cafe Mist (Fast Food Restaurant), Wahid Dajaj and enjoy your drink at Bar Counter.
Location and Accessibility:
FEC - 01, Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road,
Next to Bahria Auditorium, Main Karsaz
Karachi, Pakistan

Phone : +92 21 99245251
email : 
Opening Hours Timing
ARENA GAMING Monday - Friday 01:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Saturday 01:30 PM - 12:30 AM
Sunday 12:30 PM - 11:30 PM
RANGOLI - THE THEME BUFFET RESTAURANT Monday - Saturday Lunch: 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Monday - Sunday Hi Tea: 04:30 PM - 06:30 PM
Monday - Sunday Dinner (Slot A): 07:00 PM - 09:30 PM
Dinner (Slot B): 09:30 PM - 11:30 PM
Sunday Brunch: 12:00 PM - 03:00 PM
POWER HOUSE GYMNASIUM Closed for Maintenance


Arena Karachi stands as a dynamic destination that offers a perfect blend of entertainment, shopping, dining, and leisure activities. Whether you're seeking a day of fun-filled adventures with family and friends or a relaxing evening of shopping and dining, Arena has something for everyone. With its vibrant atmosphere, diverse offerings, and central location, Arena Karachi remains a beloved destination for Karachiites and visitors alike, embodying the city's vibrant spirit and cosmopolitan charm.

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