Step By Step Guide to Chinese Visa From Pakistan

Step By Step Guide to Chinese Visa From Pakistan
Considering a journey to China from Pakistan? You must arrange for a Chinese visa before you begin to book travel. is here to help you through the process, but there are steps to take and forms to complete. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide on obtaining a tourist visa to China for Pakistani citizens.

Types of Chinese Visas



 There are various categories for Chinese visas.

  • D-TYPE: Given to people who want to live permanently in China
  • F-TYPE: Awarded to those planning trips, visits, study tours, and other exchanges to China
  • L-TYPE: Presented to individuals planning a vacation to China
  • M-TYPE: Given to anyone planning to travel to China for trade and business purposes
  • Q1-TYPE: Granted to relatives of Chinese nationals or foreigners residing in China permanently who want to go to China for a family get-together.
  • R-TYPE: Awarded to individuals with exceptional talent or those whose abilities are desperately required in China
  • S1-TYPE: Awarded to those planning trips to see foreign nationals employed or enrolled in school in China, including spouses, parents, sons or daughters under the age of 18, parents-in-law, and other close relatives. The expected stay in China is longer than 180 days.
  • X1-TYPE: Given to anyone planning to spend more than 180 days studying in China
  • Z-TYPE: Given to anyone planning to work in China


Tourist Visa (L-Type) vs. Business Visa (M-Type)

Unlike other nations, you are not eligible to obtain a tourist visa. If you hold a Pakistani passport, you must apply for a tourist visa in a group of five and make all of your travel arrangements in advance with a Chinese travel agency.

You will receive an official invitation letter from that travel agency to apply for a visa. Therefore, a single traveller like us can’t obtain a tourist visa. Even if you get together with five of your buddies, the cost still becomes unaffordable.


First Time Visitor

For first-time tourists, the procedure is difficult and drawn out. You must apply for a Police Character certificate and have the Ministry of Foreign Affairs office attest to it. Read our in-depth blog post on obtaining a police character certificate.


Options for Applying for Business Visa

Obtaining a business visa is another difficult task. The invitation letter, which needs to be certified by the Chinese Foreign Ministry and accepted by the Chinese inviting company, is the most important document. Chinese businesses typically send you a brief invitation letter on official business letterhead, but they do not bother to have the letter verified by their foreign ministry.

Nonetheless, large cities’ business chambers in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore provide businesspeople an alternative. Their “Guarantee Letter” serves as a substitute for the Chinese “Foreign Affairs Stamped Invitation.”


Applying Chamber’s Guarantee Letter and Invitation Letter on Canton Fair

The Canton Trade Fair takes place in the Chinese province of Guangzhou twice a year. Members of the Lahore, Khi, or ISB Chamber of Commerce can assist you in obtaining an invitation letter from China and in applying for business visas collectively. Nonetheless, the 9000 rupee guarantee letter payment is still due.


A Letter of Guarantee and a Self-Arranged Invitation From the Chamber (As Firm Owner)

If the Chamber is not setting up group visas, you can apply alone. and the chamber will provide you with a “Letter of Guarantee.” Any Chinese company you do business with should provide you with a basic invitation letter and their company registration certificate (both in Chinese and English). To obtain this GUARANTEE LETTER, Chamber LCCI requires two steps and pays a price of Rs. nine thousand.


Visa Application Process

Here is the application process for a Chinese visa from Pakistan.


Get Visa Recommendation Letter First

  • A letter of request on business letterhead – A copy of your passport – A copy of your CNIC – An image with a white backdrop
  • Chinese business Invitation letter with a copy of the chamber membership certificate
  • A 200,000 rupee pay order is payable to LCCI, which is refundable when the money is received back from China. This payment order must be made from the bank account of your business, which is an LCCI member in good standing.
  • Four thousand rupees for the referral letter.


Obtaining a Guarantee Letter

This is the primary document needed to obtain a visa. When the recommendation letter arrives, proceed to Floor #2 and submit an application for it together with the required paperwork.

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Visa Recommendation letter
  • Chinese company Invitation letter
  • Chinese company registration letter in Chinese language
  • Corona vaccination certificate (with Chinese vaccine)
  • Chamber membership certificate copy
  • Fees 5000 Rs


Applying Chamber’s Recommendation Letter (As Salaried Employee)

Everything will go exactly as it did above, except you will need to give the additional documents listed below:

  • A letter of designation from your employer outlining your job responsibilities and your visa request Letter of recommendation
  • The last three tax payment slips that were transferred to the national bank (deducted from your income)


Get the Travel Agent’s Invitation Letter

The most costly last option is left if you do not own any businesses. For $500 USD, travel agents in Pakistan will arrange for you to receive an Invitation Letter that will be verified by Chinese Foreign Affairs.


Taking Appointment

Once the form is filled out, you will be given a window of time when you can submit your papers. Resubmit your paperwork to the Gerrys offices in Karachi, Lahore, or Islamabad. Choose a time and date, then print the application and appointment page along with the other materials listed above.


Documents Submission at Gerry’s Office



Go to Gerry’s visa centre at the time and day you have chosen. If you do not have a print copy of your interview appointment, you will not get permission to get in (not even for informational purposes).

You will be handed a token as you enter the Chinese portion, and Gerry’s officer will inspect each document individually when you take your turn. Please note that you will not be able to continue if any documents are missing.

Afterwards, you will be sent to the next window to make your payment of 12,200 rupees if all of your paperwork is in order. Sometimes they want you to participate in a brief interview that is conducted over a camera directly with the embassy. The invitation’s firm name and your personal belongings are requested.


Visa Approval Processing Time

99.9% of visa applications are approved once they are submitted. You will receive a call from Gerry’s to pick up your passport in seven to ten days. You may always check the status of your passport at for


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