Tcs Courier Offices, Contacts & Tcs Express Pakistan Details

Tcs Courier Offices, Contacts & Tcs Express Pakistan Details

In Pakistan, TCS Express has established itself as a leading logistics and courier service provider, offering a wide range of domestic and international shipping solutions. Known for its reliability, efficiency, and extensive network, TCS Express plays a crucial role in connecting businesses and individuals across the country and beyond. This blog post explores the various aspects of TCS Express Pakistan, from its services to its operational details and customer benefits.

Overview of TCS Express Pakistan

History and Establishment:
TCS (Tranzum Courier Service) Express was founded in 1983 as a domestic courier company in Pakistan. Over the years, it has expanded its services and infrastructure, becoming a prominent player in the logistics industry.

How to Track Your Shipment with TCS Express

Tracking your shipment with TCS Express is straightforward and convenient. Whether you're expecting a parcel or sending one, knowing its whereabouts can provide peace of mind. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use TCS Express tracking:

Step-by-Step Guide to TCS Courier Tracking

  1. Obtain Your TCS Tracking ID:
    When you send a parcel through TCS Express, you'll receive a receipt containing a unique TCS tracking ID or TCS courier tracking number. If you're the recipient, the sender should provide this number to you.

  2. Visit the TCS Express Tracking Website:
    Open your web browser and go to the official TCS Express tracking page. You can access it directly via TCS Express Tracking.

  3. Enter the Tracking ID:
    Locate the tracking field on the TCS Express tracking page. Enter your TCS tracking ID or TCS courier tracking ID in the provided space. Ensure you input the correct number to get accurate tracking information.

  4. Click on the "Track" Button:
    After entering your TCS tracking ID, click the "Track" button. This will initiate the search and display the current status of your shipment.

  5. View Your Shipment Status:
    The tracking results will show the current location and status of your parcel. You can see details like when it was dispatched, its transit points, and the estimated delivery date.

  6. Optional - Use the TCS Mobile App:
    For on-the-go tracking, download the TCS mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Open the app, enter your TCS courier tracking number, and access real-time updates about your shipment.

Tips for Effective TCS Courier Tracking

  • Double-Check Your Tracking Number:
    Ensure that you enter the correct TCS courier tracking ID without any typos to get accurate results.

  • Keep Your Tracking Number Handy:
    Save your TCS courier tracking number in a safe place for easy reference.

  • Contact TCS Customer Service:
    If you encounter any issues or need more information, you can contact TCS customer support for assistance.

TCS Express Pakistan: Pricing Overview

When choosing a courier service, pricing is a crucial factor. TCS Express, renowned for its reliability and efficiency, offers competitive and transparent pricing structures to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. This blog post delves into the pricing details of TCS Express Pakistan, providing insights into how costs are determined and what customers can expect.

Factors Influencing TCS Express Pricing

  1. Service Type:
    TCS Express offers various services, each with its own pricing structure. Domestic and international courier services, supply chain solutions, and eCommerce logistics have different cost frameworks.

  2. Shipment Weight and Dimensions:
    The weight and size of the shipment are primary determinants of the cost. Heavier and larger packages generally incur higher charges.

  3. Destination:
    The cost varies based on the destination of the shipment. Domestic deliveries within Pakistan are priced differently from international shipments.

  4. Delivery Speed:
    TCS Express provides multiple delivery options, such as same-day delivery, overnight service, and standard delivery. Faster delivery services usually come at a premium.

  5. Value-added Services:
    Additional services like insurance, special handling, and packaging can affect the overall cost.

Domestic Pricing

Standard Domestic Services:
TCS Express offers affordable rates for domestic deliveries. The pricing is usually tiered based on weight categories, such as documents up to 0.5 kg, small parcels (0.5-1 kg), and larger packages. Here's a rough estimate:

  • Documents (up to 0.5 kg): PKR 200-300
  • Small Parcels (0.5-1 kg): PKR 300-500
  • Larger Packages (1-5 kg): PKR 500-1000

Same-Day and Overnight Services:
For urgent deliveries, TCS Express offers same-day and overnight services at a higher rate. These services ensure that your shipment reaches its destination within the shortest possible time.

  • Same-Day Delivery: Additional PKR 200-400
  • Overnight Delivery: Additional PKR 100-200

International Pricing

International shipping rates are generally higher due to customs clearance, international handling, and distance. TCS Express offers competitive rates for international deliveries, with pricing based on weight, destination, and delivery speed.

  • Documents (up to 0.5 kg) to nearby countries: PKR 3000-5000
  • Small Parcels (0.5-1 kg) to nearby countries: PKR 5000-8000
  • Documents (up to 0.5 kg) to distant countries: PKR 5000-8000
  • Small Parcels (0.5-1 kg) to distant countries: PKR 8000-12000

For larger packages and specific destinations, TCS Express provides a detailed rate calculator on their website, allowing customers to get precise estimates.

eCommerce and Business Solutions

TCS Express offers customized pricing for eCommerce businesses and supply chain solutions. These are typically based on volume, frequency of shipments, and specific service requirements. eCommerce logistics solutions, including cash on delivery (COD) services, come with negotiated rates based on the business's needs.

Here is a list of TCS Express centers in Lahore, including their branch names, contact numbers, and locations:

Branch Name Contact Number Location
TCS Daroghay Wala Express Center 042-37020900 325-GT Road Daroghay Walla, Opp. Green CNG Station, Lahore.
TCS Lakshmi Chowk Express Center 042-37227051 Mecloard Road, Lahore.
TCS Stock Exchange Building Express Center 042-111123456 Lahore Stock Exchange Building, Aiwan-e-Tijarat, Lahore.
TCS Empress Road Express Center 042-35855992 Shop# 1+2, Central Plaza, 1st floor, Near Barkat Market, Lahore.
TCS Makro Express Center 042-36151350 Makro Pakistan LTD Ravi road, Lahore.
TCS Moon Market (Faisal Town) Express Center 042-111123456 748-c, Faisal town near Ravi Resturant, Lahore.
TCS Muzang Chungi Express Center 042-111123456 Sanam Arcade Muzang Chungi Ferozepur Road, Lahore.
TCS Model Town Express Center 042-35845549 Main Gate of Center Park, Uddah Chowk, Model Town, Lahore.
TCS Wapda Town Express Center 042-35183194 194-Iqbal Avenue Near Wapda Town Gol Chakar, Lahore.
TCS Shahalmi Express Center 042-37676450 Near Sabil Wali Masjid, Shahalmi Chowk, Lahore.
TCS Main Market Branch 042-35758989 Raja Center Main Market Gulberg, Lahore
TCS Infantry Road Express Center 042-36884820 Shop# 1 Fahad Plaza 3 Infantry Road Lahore Cantt, Opp. Cakes & Bakes, Lahore.
TCS Allama Iqbal Airport Express Center 0321-4815943 Level-2, Airport Building, Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore.
TCS Canal Road Express Center 042-3593233 Shop # 8, Doghar Market, Canal Road Lahore.
TCS Gulshan Ravi Express Center 0302-4132912 Urdu Nagar Main Gulshan Ravi Road, Opp. Zari Mahal Marriage Hall, Lahore.
TCS Iqbal Town Express Center 042-37800090 Shop # 08, Reliance Plaza, Near Post Office, Opp. Moon Market, Iqbal Town, Lahore.
TCS Shalimar Link Road Express Center 042-36848206 Shalimar Link Road Opp Shalimar Hospital Near Khan General Store, Lahore.
TCS Gulberg 3 Branch 042-111123456 58/D-1, Gulberg- III, Lahore.
TCS Kot Lakhpat Express Center 111-210-210 Ext 243 01 Peco Road Kot Lakhpat, Lahore.
TCS Saddar Express Center 042-36670921 995 Tufail Road Opp. National Bank Of Pakistan (NBP) Saddar Lahore Cantt, Lahore
TCS Mozang Chung Branch 042-111123456 Sanam Arcade, Ferozpur Rd, Mozang Chungi, Mozang, Lahore
TCS Doctor Hospital Express Center 042-111123456 Shop# 11 Ground Floor Unique Arcade G. block Johar Town, Lahore.
TCS Wahdat Road Express Center 042-111123456 Shop# 8 g Khawaja Arcade Wahdat Road Lahore.
TCS Gulberg Express Center 042-35755028 58/D-1, Gulberg- III Lahore, Lahore.
TCS Township Express Center 042-35173317 Molana Shaukat Ali Road Near Mochi PuraTown Ship, Lahore.
TCS Liberty Market Express Center 042-111123456 Big City Liberty Market Lahore, Lahore.
TCS College Road Branch 042-35124647 36-c c-2 Township college road, Lahore.
TCS Cavalary Ground Express Center 0316-9992503 65- Commercial Zone, Adjacent to Agfa Point Cavalry Ground, Lahore.
TCS Mall Road Express Center 042-35845549 Near Dayal Singh Mansion, 57- The Mall, Lahore.
TCS Thokar Niaz Baig Express Center 042-37498593 Rainwind Road, Near Mobil Zone Opp Total Petrol Pump, Lahore.
TCS Ichra Express Center 042-37524164 Ichra Bus Stop, Main Ferozpur Road, Lahore.
TCS Temple Road Express Center 042-36175775 Temple Road, Safan Wala Chowk, Lahore.
TCS Defence Express Center 042-35895287 Shop# L/G, 02 (Lower Ground, 02), Defence Commercial Plaza (Goal Plaza) DHA, Lahore.
TCS Zarar Shaheed Road Express Center 042-6674716 3g store Zarar Shaheed Road near Jorry Pull Al-Faisal Town Lahore.
TCS Yadgar Express Center 042-111123456 Opp Lady Willington Hospital near Yadghar Lahore.
TCS Jail Road Express Center 042-37535117 Jail, Near Shisham Furniture, Apwa College, Lahore.
TCS Kareem Block Express Center 042-35295410 Sultana Arcade Kareem Block Commercial Market Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore.
TCS Shahdrah Express Center 042-36170505 Shahdra more Sheikhupura Road, Lahore.
TCS Shad Bagh Express Center 042-36175592 Chowk Nakhdua Shad Bagh Opp. National Hospital, Lahore.
TCS Begam Kot Branch 042-37922935, 0333-4367412 Shekhupura Road, Lahore.
TCS Nishat Colony Branch 042-35741221 Faisal Ghuman road Opp. Garrison Cadet College, Lahore.
TCS Devin Road Express Center 042-111123456 Shop# Ground Floor 14 Devincenter airport road, Lahore.
TCS Gulberg-II Branch 042-111123456 Raja Centre, 22-G, Main Blvd, Block A, Gulberg 2, Lahore
TCS Garhi Shahu Express Center 042-111123456 Main Allama Iqbal road Garhi Shahu Lahore.
TCS Raja Market Branch 042-111123456 Raja Market New Garden Town, Lahore.
TCS Chuburgi Express Center 0324-2957249 Main Multan Road near Green Building, Lahore.
TCS Circular Road Express Center 042-37003451 CircularRoad, Opp. Yaki Gate, Lahore.
TCS T. Block DHA Express Center 042-37038284 Shop# 3 T, block Commercial Market DHA phase II, Lahore.
TCS Carrefour Express Center 042-111123456 Carrefour Fortress Stadium, Lahore.
TCS Doctor Hospital Express Center 042-111123456 Shop# 11 Ground Floor Unique Arcade G. block Johar Town, Lahore.
TCS Model Town Circular Road Branch 042-111123456 Model Town Circular Rd, Lahore, Pakistan
TCS Bank Square Express Center 042-37235665 Address: Sarwar Building, Near MCB Head Office, Lahore
TCS Larik Cinema Express Center 042-37534031 Bastami Road, Near Larik cinema Multan Road Lahore.
TCS Gulberg Branch 042-111123456 Big City Plaza, Main Blvd, Block E2, Gulberg, Lahore
TCS Head Office Lahore 042-35755028, 042-111123456 Near Hijaz Hospital, Opp. Eden Tower, Sir Syed Road, Block D1, Gulberg III, Lahore.
TCS Gurumangat Road Branch 0042-37161751 Gurumangat Chowk opp Akram Tikka Lahore.
TCS Liberty Market Express Center 042-111123456 Big City Liberty Market Lahore, Lahore.


TCS Express Pakistan provides a range of pricing options to suit different needs, from individual customers to businesses requiring extensive logistics solutions. By understanding the factors that influence pricing, customers can make informed decisions and choose the service that best fits their requirements and budget.

For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, customers are encouraged to use the TCS Express rate calculator available on their website or contact their customer service directly.

Whether you need to send a simple document or manage a complex supply chain, TCS Express offers the pricing flexibility and reliability you need to ensure your shipments are handled efficiently and cost-effectively.

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